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Thursday, November 2nd
The Fremont Foundry, 154 North 35th Street, Seattle

Just as the emergence of steam engines and the telegraph changed the world during the industrial revolution, artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning are reinventing the way we live and work. Engineers and organizations alike must adapt or risk becoming obsolete. is a community and event series where developers come together to explore the digital machinery of the new era.

At our upcoming conference, experience a day of learning from industry experts to look “under the hood” at the building blocks of machine learning.

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Modev is committed to creating diverse and inclusive events and encourages people to participate regardless of gender identity or expression, age, family or marital status, national origin, physical and mental ability, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, veteran status, or sexual orientation. We believe the best events are ones where all types of people feel welcome and included, and are represented in both the audience and the speakers. Please join us!

“The next 10,000 business plans are easy to forecast: Take X and add AI. This is a big deal, and now it’s here.” — Kevin Kelly


Make your mark as an expert where human touch and technology collide. Share your perspective with top companies, leading developers and individuals that are helping define the future of AI.


Rachel Batish


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CRO and Co-founder at

Andrew Duchon

Director of Data Science


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Dr. Andrew Duchon is the Director of Data Science at Manzama in Bend, Oregon. He is a project manager, researcher, and software engineer who has applied a wide variety of data science techniques in government and commercial domains. Dr. Duchon holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Brown University, and a B.A. in Psychology and the Integrated Science Program from Northwestern University.

Margie Henry

Customer Success Engineer


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As a Customer Success Engineer, Margie helps recruiting teams leverage Textio’s augmented writing platform to attract more diverse and well-qualified applicants. Textio is the first company to demonstrate a measurable impact on diversity in the workplace through the application of AI. Margie focuses on helping clients understand which metrics need to be tracked and why, and leads company-wide efforts to collect the customer data that fuels Textio.

Margie’s career has spanned the tech and non-profit sectors, including time as a NGO consultant in Ghana. As both a self-taught programmer and artist, she holds a strong belief in the potential of STEAM education to catalyze equitable community development. Her work with arts organizations to develop evidence-based management led to her current focus on helping companies nourish data-driven cultures. Margie is a recent transplant to Seattle from Chicago by way of New Orleans.

Tony Wilson

Director of Software Engineering

Capital One Investing

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An engineering leader with a track record of growing teams who execute and innovate. Passionate about building well-rounded, poly-skilled engineers who have a customer backed delivery mindset. And one bad ass Jedi.

Cheryl Ingram, PhD

CEO and Founder

Diverse City LLC

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Cheryl Ingram PhD is an inspiring, innovative, solutions oriented, thought leader and practitioner of Diversity and Inclusion. Her passion for equity and equality ignited her current career path as the CEO and Founder of Diverse City LLC, a diversity and inc. Diverse City LLC specializes in diversity and inclusion consulting. She is also a Founder of a new technology company, DAIPE (Diversity and Inclusion Performance Engager), that is in the process of launching.

Recently, Diverse City LLC was selected as a finalist in the Greater Seattle Business Associations, “New Business of the Year Award” after just four months of being in business. In 8 months, she has secured partnerships that approach multiples axes including but not limited to institutionalized racism, sexism, employee engagement, and recruitment and retention. She has been training and coaching in the area of diversity and inclusion for 15 years for organizations such as the Families and Youth Incorporated, University of Washington, Ada Developers Academy, Highline Public Schools and the Greater Seattle Business Association.

In 3 ½ years Cheryl earned her Doctorate of Education with a specialization in Multicultural Studies at New Mexico State University. In relation to her passionate career, she currently serves on the Board of Directors for Un-loop a national technical training program that addresses recidivism in prisons throughout Washington State.

Nicholas Stevens

Principal Product Manager


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Nicholas Stevens is the Principal Product Manager at Zillow for three Data Science teams: Personalization, Zestimate and Vision. Personalization is focused on user understanding & recommendation engines. The Zestimate team uses the latest in machine learning, engineering and economics research to construct the most accurate & trusted home value estimate. And Vision uses the latest computer vision & deep learning techniques to help make the Zestimate more accurate and build next generation 3D walkthroughs.

He has a Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford, a BS in Economics from Wharton and a BSE in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Neeti Gupta


GE Healthcare

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Neeti is an experienced leader in business strategy and marketing execution, passionate about building interdisciplinary teams, understanding target customers, defining value proposition, crafting digital stories and campaigns that resonate and achieve business insights and results. Recently she's been focusing on successful models for machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Ashish Bansal

Senior Director of Data Science Products

Capital One

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Ashish Bansal a Senior Director of Data Science Products at Capital One where he builds data products using machine learning and data science to power new customer experiences. Prior to Capital One, he co-founded GALE Partners and led development of machine learning based marketing automation products, growing the team from 9 to 120 in under 2 years.

He has over 18 years of experience in the technology consulting and digital marketing industry, along with an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and B Tech from IIT BHU.

Miro Enev

Deep Learning Sr. Solutions Architect


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Miro Enev is a Deep Learning Sr. Solutions Architect with NVIDIA, specializing in advancing data science and machine intelligence. He is part of the team focused on industrial IoT, supports cloud strategic partners, and helps clients in the PacNW apply the latest AI research to their business challenges. Miro studied Cognitive Science and Computer Science as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. He also holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington’s Computer Science and Engineering Department where his thesis was on Machine Learning Applications in Emerging Sensor Contexts.

Rajeev Dutt



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A theoretical physicist and technologist based in Redmond Washington with 17 years of experience within the technology sector. Held leadership positions at Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Microsoft and Intel among others. 

Launched first company at 26, and since then focused on using artificial intelligence to solve increasingly complex problems. Work has led to the creation of self-diagnosing, self-healing systems and utility-based computing solutions. At Microsoft included work on the core operating system, diagnostic systems, the Windows server and big data initiatives. Following that launched an Intel group to accelerate development of mobile platforms.

Today, as CEO of DimensionalMechanics, leading a team of highly skilled and brilliant technologists developing a new artificial intelligence technology that will transform the way we use the cloud, build applications, and share data-rich media.

Gideon Rosenblatt


The Vital Edge

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Gideon Rosenblatt writes about the relationship between technology, work, and humanity at his website, The Vital Edge. His writing describes how human organizations shape "the code beneath the code" of a newly emerging planetary intelligence.

Gideon ran a mission-driven technology consulting group called Groundwire for nine years. Before that, he worked at Microsoft for ten years in marketing and product development. While there, he conceived and built CarPoint, one of the world's first large-scale e-commerce websites, and ran that software development team for several years. Prior to that, Gideon earned an MBA in marketing from Wharton after four years of doing consulting and market research for US corporations in China.

Bhavani Rao

Capital One

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I am a passionate technologist and software developer with about 8+ years of industry experience. My interest in machine learning started when I went online shopping for a camping trip and was surprised to see the recommendation of related items, and I wanted to understand the science behind such cool recommendations. With that beginning, I completed few online courses, attended data science boot camp, and worked on few machine learning projects with datasets that were publicly available. I'm currently working on prototyping this concept on some real-world data.  I also enjoy creating board games for fun.

David Lewis


The Stranger

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David Lewis is from Seattle, Washington and has contributed to the Seattle Weekly, the Stranger, and, the internet's leading source for African-American history. In addition to writing he also does film work including the upcoming television pilot Fantasy A Get's Jacked, which he wrote, directed, and acted in.


Doors open, registration begins, light breakfast
Welcome Remarks
"Deep Learning Demystified and Applied Deep Learning"
with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

Join this lecture to understand the core concepts of deep learning and how to start a deep learning project. In this talk, you will learn the basics of neural networks, the components of a successful deep learning project, how to select a deep learning framework, and which NVIDIA deep learning software, hardware, and educational offerings are available to you. Pre-Requisites: This lecture is open to all non-technical and technical attendees.

"Machine Thinking"
with Ashish Bansal of Capital One

A lot of discussion and material is on the how of machine learning. This talk focusses on the why and what of machine learning. Ashish will present his experiences with deploying multiple ML apps in production, and talk about how to think and structure machine learning problems.

"Image Classification with DIGITS"
with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

Deep learning is giving machines near-human levels of visual recognition capabilities and disrupting many applications by replacing hand-coded software with predictive models learned directly from data. This hands-on lab introduces the machine learning workflow and provides hands-on experience with using deep neural networks (DNN) to solve a real-world image classification problem. You will walk through the process of data preparation, model definition, model training and troubleshooting, validation testing and strategies for improving model performance. You will also see the benefits of GPU acceleration in the model training process. On completion of this lab you will have the knowledge to use NVIDIA DIGITS to train a DNN on your own image classification dataset. Pre-Requisites: This hands-on lab is recommended for a technical audience i.e. developers, data scientists, engineers, and researchers.

"Structure Data for Deep Learning"
with Rajeev Dutt of Dimensional Mechanics
"Using Machine Learning to Build Conversations"
with Rachel Batish of

CONVERSATION.ONE is an omnichannel platform for building conversational solutions that leverages machine learning (ML) algorithm to constantly improve conversational dictionaries and build an enriched, fluent and natural correspondence using any device whilst maximizing the user’s communication.The platform enables organizations to build and publish their Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions, FB messenger bots and intelligent assistants in one single process. CONVERSATION.ONE is based on a machine learning system, that is constantly building, enhancing and improving conversations between the end users and the different conversational devices and services by building a continuous feedback and learning cycle between businesses and end-users that grows independently based on market needs.

"Integrating Data Science into Legacy Products"
with Andrew Duchon of Manzama

Presentation on the experience of integrating data science into Manzama's legacy products to show value along the way to developing an entirely new product.

Building A Machine Learning Business Case
with Neeti Gupta, Director, GE Healthcare

Machine Learning is becoming more and more ubiquitous, especially as a solution for solving big data problems. Neeti Gupta, the Partner Marketing Director at Healthcare Digital in Seattle, will walk us through two important questions:

1. Is Machine Learning the best solution for the problem I am trying to solve?

2. If so, how do I build a business case for it?

And for those of you wanting to learn more about machine learning use cases, Neeti will also share with us some tips and resources to get you started.

Ethical AI - Reducing Conscious and Unconscious Bias in Software
with Cheryl Ingram of Diverse City, Gideon Rosenblatt of The Vital Edge, Margie Henry of Textio, Tony Wilson of Capital One Investing, and Nicholas Stevens of Zillow
Introduction by David Lewis, writer for Seattle Weekly and The Stranger

Artificial intelligence is already re-shaping our world. How do we ensure that we are programming it to create a bright future that is equitable for all? How do we know if we’re accidentally perpetuating some of the same patterns of inequities that we see today? Can computers help us outsmart some our own biases? This panel will explore the exciting and timely frontier where AI and equity work intersect.

Closing Keynote- "Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence"
with Bhavani Rao of Capital One
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